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If you are using Microsoft Word 2007 at MGH to write your manuscript or paper, we recommend using RefWorks' One Line/Cite feature for this task. To get started, you'll log into your RefWorks account and look for the curly bracket icon next to citation that you want to insert into your paper.

Screenshot of one line cite icon


A window with special code will pop up. You'll copy and paste the code into your Microsoft Word document. You will repeat the process until you are done inserting citations, then upload the paper to RefWorks to be formatted.

To learn more:

  • View a 5 minute video on how to insert citations into your paper and create a bibliography here.
  • Or review detailed written instructions on how to use the One Line/Cite feature here

If you need further assistance using the One Line/Cite feature or have other questions about RefWorks, please Ask Us!