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First, you'll need to export your references out of your old RefWorks account:

  1. Login to your old RefWorks account. 
  2. Select References > Export. 
  3. Choose the following options:
    • References to Include: All in List (If you have too many references, RefWorks will recommend you export them no more than 500 at a time)
    • Select an Export Format: RefWorks Tagged Format

  4. Click Export References
  5. Your output will open in a separate window/tab. Use your browser's Save As (IE), Save Page (Firefox) or Save Page As (Chrome) function to save as a text (.txt) file. 

Next, you'll import the file saved in step 5 above to your MGH RefWorks account:

  1. Login to your new MGH RefWorks account. 
  2. Select References > Import
  3. Choose the following options (using the Import From Text File option):
    • Import Filter/Data Source: RefWorks Tagged Format
    • Database: Tagged Format
    • Encoding: UTF-8‚Äč

  4. Click the Choose File button and select the file you exported from your old account. 
  5. OPTIONAL: Select a folder that you want to import your references into.  
  6. Click Import

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