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The MGH Treadwell Virtual Library is discontinuing its institutional subscription to RefWorks, effective December 31, 2018. Please see our RefWorks page for more info.


First, you'll need to export your references out of your old RefWorks account:

  1. Login to your old RefWorks account. 
  2. Select References > Export. 
  3. Choose the following options:
    • References to Include: All in List (If you have too many references, RefWorks will recommend you export them no more than 500 at a time)
    • Select an Export Format: RefWorks Tagged Format

  4. Click Export References
  5. Your output will open in a separate window/tab. Use your browser's Save As (IE), Save Page (Firefox) or Save Page As (Chrome) function to save as a text (.txt) file. 

Next, you'll import the file saved in step 5 above to your MGH RefWorks account:

  1. Login to your new MGH RefWorks account. 
  2. Select References > Import
  3. Choose the following options (using the Import From Text File option):
    • Import Filter/Data Source: RefWorks Tagged Format
    • Database: Tagged Format
    • Encoding: UTF-8‚Äč

  4. Click the Choose File button and select the file you exported from your old account. 
  5. OPTIONAL: Select a folder that you want to import your references into.  
  6. Click Import

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